Plug & Play Installation.

Introducing the 5barz network extender. Let the revolution begin

Revolutionary technology.

Radio frequency experts said it would be impossible to put a send and receive antenna in the same form factor, but we proved them wrong.  Both antennae are in the same small box and we have the patent on the technology.

  • Automatic Balanced Power Management to Avoid Interference with the Macro Network. PATENTED.
  • Smart Signal Processing for Interference / Echo Cancellation. PATENTED.
  • The Network Extender provides up to 70db of signal gain.

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Plug and Play ease.

  • Just plug the Network Extender into any power outlet.
  • Small footprint but huge coverage. This one small box covers up to 4,000 square feet in your home or office.
  • Integrated antennae so there is absolutely no installation required.
  • Draws about the same power as a typical lightbulb.

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Making the world 5BARz strong.

Improving your mobile experience.

You are in control with the 5BARZ Network Extender. Once you plug it in, dropped calls are a thing of the past. Slow downloads and data? Not any more when you are 5BARz strong.

Meet the team behind the revolution.

The team behind 5BARz is made up the some of the most highly qualified RF engineers, experienced and proven entrepreneurs and global technology leaders. Meet the team >

Up to 80% more battery life, faster data and better voice quality on all your mobile devices. Bottom Line…an ass kickin’ mobile experience!