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Introducing the 5Barz Network Extender™ 


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5Barz International was founded to design, develop and deliver new technologies for the cellular network carriers to enable them to improve the connectivity performance on their networks.

Carriers have found it challenging to deliver a consistently strong signal to ALL of their subscribers, in ALL locations, ALL the time within their network coverage area.


This has frustrated carrier engineers, carrier management and ultimately their subscribers for as long as there have been cellular networks.

5Barz International is working closely with the carriers, globally, to enhance reliability of connection and increased signal strength by providing that robust “last mile of connectivity.” 

The 5Barz Network Extender™  incorporates patented technology that brings together an integrated Antenna, Echo Cancellation, Remote Management of the Device all in a Single Form Factor.

A Beautiful Consumer Device Distributed by the Carriers directly to their Subscribers for the Home and Office.

“Can You Hear Me Now”?  With 5Barz, Hell Yes!! 

5BARz Road Warrior™

5BARz for Any Device, Anywhere

5BARz Road Warrior™ is the one product that works with virtually any mobile device.  You get the signal strength you need to stay connected.

I believe that 5Barz International is a company with the potential to be the next legendary company in mobile communications. We are applying our amazing patented technology to build products that will enrich everyone’s mobile communications experience and how it will change the world forever” 5BARZ International Chairman, Dr. Gil Amelio in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress, February 2014.

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